Cindy Otis
Scholastic, July 6, 2023

Coming July 6th with Scholastic!

Karen McManus meets Courtney Summers in a ripped from the headlines YA thriller about if QAnon conspiracies played out in a high school. Starring a girl who uses a wheelchair.

Quinn was supposed to be having an epic junior year—not finding herself a third wheel to her best friend who suddenly has a new boyfriend and watching her older sister turn herself into a pretzel trying to make sure she has the best college applications possible. Which leads to Quinn’s sister joining a new club at school called Defend Kids that is working to help find the Turner kids who were kidnapped from a nearby town.

Suddenly the new club is all anyone is talking about, and it’s even helping Quinn grow her own social media platform. She runs an account about the goings-on around school and town and she notices loads of new followers every time she post about the missing Turner kids. When two of Quinn’s classmates are kidnapped, suddenly the dangers that Defend Kids are trying to fight are all too real.

As the town comes out in search of the missing kids, tensions escalate around the school, there’s an uptick in social media trolling and bullying, and conspiracy theories abound. Before she knows it, Quinn is at the center of it all, trying to find out what’s going on and who’s behind it. Because if she doesn’t . . . Ava might just be pulled into something more dangerous than anyone ever imagined.


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