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Cindy Otis

I wanted to become a spy the first time I watched a James Bond film. Some dreams do come true because I joined the CIA in 2007 as a military analyst. For 10 years, I served my country, first as a Europe analyst, in the middle as an intelligence briefer to the White House, and later as a Middle East analyst and manager. But my first passion has always been writing. Since leaving the CIA in 2017, my written work on politics and national security has appeared in places like USA Today, CNN, The Daily Beast, Teen Vogue, Just Security, and the New York Times. I also regularly write about my world travels for The Daily Beast. I’m also on USA Today’s Board of Contributors.

My non-fiction debut, True or False: A CIA Analysts’s Guide to Identifying and Fighting Fake News, will be out with Macmillan/Feiwel and Friends on May 19, 2020.

I also write Young Adult thrillers about kick butt characters with disabilities ​because young people deserve books in which people with disabilities are the spy that saves the day. As a wheelchair user and passionate advocate of disability rights myself, I have worked as a consultant to major disability rights organizations.

I was born on the West Coast and raised on the East Coast, so I’m happiest when near a large body of water. My music library is almost exclusively Broadway and bands I’ve listened to since high school, while my movie library is an odd mix of war movies and classics. I spend more time than I would like maintaining the tenuous peace that exists between my dog and cat.

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