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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

On Monday I woke up to the amazing news that TRUE OR FALSE received its first starred review – from Publishers Weekly! Among the highlights, PW said, “In an age when many are “basically standing under a showerhead of information all day, every day,” former intelligence analyst Otis provides timely guidance on how to separate fact from fake news…Written in an easy, conversational style matched by a user-friendly design with pullouts, exercises, and photographs, it’s a book that teachers and civic leaders will want to make required reading.”

Earlier this month, I talked with PW about TRUE OR FALSE and why I specifically wrote it for young adult readers (though I made it accessible for adult audiences as well). They highlighted it in an article about political books for young readers coming out in 2020.

It’s exciting to see TRUE OR FALSE start to get into peoples’ hands as we get closer to pub day.

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Cindy Otis

Cindy Otis is a former CIA officer, national security commentator, and a disinformation and cybersecurity expert. She is the author of TRUE OF FALSE: A CIA ANALYST'S GUIDE TO SPOTTING FAKE NEWS.


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